3 Search Engines That Don’t Spy On You Like Google Does [Tech Tip]

Google is the favorite site for people looking for information online, but people more concerned about their privacy don’t really like the way Google tracks those that patronize its search engine. The good news is that there are alternative search engines that don’t track you or track you as deep as Google does when you … Read more

Creating your personal brand with WordPress

The Internet gives you an opportunity to develop a personal and business brand. You would agree with me that the need to have or become a brand in today’s world is important considering the fact that the Internet and modern technology are inherently disruptive. Here are simple ways to achieve this using wordpress: 1. Start … Read more

Making the most of Twitter

Twitter is an extremely fast paced social networking site that requires your time and attention. I am not exactly a super fan of the network even though I admit its importance and growing popularity. The main reason why I am not very active on Twitter is that I find it distracting for my person. Twitter … Read more