3 Search Engines That Don’t Spy On You Like Google Does [Tech Tip]

Search engineGoogle is the favorite site for people looking for information online, but people more concerned about their privacy don’t really like the way Google tracks those that patronize its search engine. The good news is that there are alternative search engines that don’t track you or track you as deep as Google does when you patronize their search engines. There is no denying the fact that Google offers state-of-the-art search algorithms and search options, but that comes at a price to you, i.e., compromising your online privacy. Alternative search engines include the following among many others:


The site claims that it does not collect and save any personally identifiable information and doesn’t use cookies. They even claim to discard user’s IP addresses from their server logs and have no way of determining if two different searches came from the same IP.


If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your search results, startpage is an excellent alternative. It sends your search query to Google and displays results without Google actually tracking you. All that Google can see are searches coming from Startpage and the site acts as a middleman between users and Google.


Ixquick and startpage are run by the same company with the difference being that ixquick also displays results from search engines other than Google. It is a good option if you also like to include more search engines for your queries to display results from different sources.

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