Cybersecurity Services – Protect Your Applications and Network


Monitoring 24/7,scheduled scans

If you are curious about how the service works, explore this section with technical details.

Agile, Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

For cost-effective cybersecurity as agile as your threat landscape, speak to Techsmart. Our ethical hackers are here to hunt vulnerabilities before they catch you out – minimising the time between vulnerability detection and remediation.


Virtually Unlimited, Global Experts

Instead of relying on traditional pentesting, leverage our virtually limitless global community of cybersecurity experts. Choose from our global team of ethical hackers and maximise your testing capabilities.


Cybersecurity services aim at assessing and improving the protection of applications and networks. ScienceSoft offers end-to-end information security services from IT security consulting to pentesting and enhancing cybersecurity posture to reduce risks and minimize consequences of cyberattacks.



  • We provide multiple types of diagnostics
  • General subdomains search
  • Subdomains search using SSL certificates
  • Reverse resolution of IP addresses
  • IP addresses search using SSL fingerprints, ASN names


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