Making the most of Twitter

Twitter is an extremely fast paced social networking site that requires your time and attention.

I am not exactly a super fan of the network even though I admit its importance and growing popularity. The main reason why I am not very active on Twitter is that I find it distracting for my person.

Twitter has steadily developed into a viable social network for multi-media usage and applications. So today, I want to throw more light on this thriving social network and how folks there can make the most of it.

Using Twitter as a multi-media platform

As generally noted, lots of us make use of the site for just tweeting our links and texts. Normally, people tend to simply overlook the fact that they can further enhance their engagement by adding images, videos and more so even slide presentations, viewable within this platform.

Twitter wants users to use their network for sharing multi-media content in more ways than one. The site admin is working on bringing new changes in the communication and video marketing world; with one of their services known as ‘Vine’ which is wholly integrated into the Twitter ecosystem.

The prime aim of Twitter is converting video into a marketing medium which is acceptable, snappy, short and sharp. Moreover, it should also slice through the muddle just as it was accomplished with their unassuming text of 140 characters.

Some often ask the question: “Which social network is best to use?” The simple answer is: “The ones largely frequented by majority of your projected target audience. Besides, you must use as many of them as you are able to easily manage, provided your resources and time allow you the privilege.” Your prime goal ought to be marketing that is based on multi-channel.

In today’s digital world, it is never a wise thing to do to let your plans be simply experiential, or mobile, or TV or just social. In contrast, it should be a well-planned combination of paid, shared, earned and owned media connections that really count. In short, a combination of multi-media and multi-channel is essential for creating marketing synergies which hold the latent potential of turning viral.

Snippets of internal research released by Twitter help to vividly demonstrate to what extent the site’s platforms have now become extensively multi-media affluent. Moreover, progressively increasing function of Twitter as a proficient engagement and business tool for news organisations, media houses and other users for increasing the number of their followers as well as retweets is also emphasised on a broad scale. The more you tweet, the more followers you will succeed in getting!

Embedding Tweets on a website

A key factor of how Twitter managed to succeed in growing into a mega platform, with more than 230 million active users, is evidently that the site cleverly made it extremely simple for users to engage in using data that the site effectively generates through other means.

For one thing, developers worldwide now make effective use of the on-hand convenience of using tweets for creating diverse websites, including the ones which illustrate current trends in vogue around diverse corners of the world.

So what is the significance of embedded tweets? In a nutshell, you do not really need to look beyond the social proof itself. Given the fact that static testimonials accompanied by names and images has the intrinsic potential of significantly increasing the conversion rate of your website, while what would more likely be considered even more dependable is a recent comment placed on your website by a Twitter account holder with a profile that is active. Now when your visitors find proof of that kind, they are bound to instantly recognise that they are dealing with someone who is real and who has a positive opinion regarding the product or service being promoted by your business.

When intending to embed a tweet on your website, all you need is to navigate there; first click on the link ‘More’, followed by clicking on the next option that reads ‘Embed Tweet’. Upon having accomplished these two steps, you will be provided a specific HTML code which you can now ‘copy-paste’ onto your personal website, in a section as desired by you. For that matter, if it is truly your wish, there is nothing to stop you from embedding an entire stream or series of tweets that you find inspiring.

Let us say, for instance, that you wish to make it widely known what exactly others generally have to say in regard with your business and how you go about doing it; simply search the web for your own username or for that of your business enterprise. You are now free to peruse the above steps in order to embed the selected series of tweets wherever you please on your own site.

Having learnt just how very simple embedding tweets in real practice is; you may now be keen to learn about a few other interesting ways of making use of this stimulating feature:

• Assuming you wish to cite an interesting quote shared by someone in his or her tweet or a meaningful piece of statistic, simply link onto that particular tweet and that is just it. Nonetheless, if you wish to really maximise your credibility along the way, proceed to enhancing your post by simply adding a nice piece of eye-catching candy to it, since a far better option is always to directly embed the tweet.

• As the embedding of your search results has been made very simple by Twitter, if you are indeed happy to call your blog post a thing that many of your contacts on Twitter gladly talk about, dig its URL out and embed your search results directly onto the post. This will eventually encourage an even greater interest and discussion on your post.

• When you intend holding an event that you wish to promote for your business, use hashtags. By using hashtags for your event, the results for your hashtag search can be embedded on your website so that all your visitors have the option to see everything that is being commented upon on Twitter regarding that event.

Twitter is a cool network and has won a place in the hearts of millions of people across the world but I advise that you manage your time properly while tweeting!

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